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Thank you for visiting the site for Dungeon Dice Movies! If you're here, then you must want to be relieved of the burden of trying to pick the best movie possible to watch. Now that you've been shown the light, the way you choose movies will never be the same.
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Don't take it from me. You can hear it straight from the source, the great Eddie Furlong!
(compliments of Blain Topel)
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When you get together with your friends and decide to watch a movie, how do you decide which one? Does the loudest voice get to say? Do you have arguments that wake the neighbors? Fights to the death?

We were once like you. Wandering through the darkness, aimlessley navigating through the available movies, spending hours deliberating and watching trailer after trailer. We would try in vain to convince each other of which movie to watch, with nothing but black eyes and broken noses to show for it. It was a time of devastation and chaos.

That was, until the gods revealed themselves to us and brought forth an entirely new system of movie selection. It's fair, it's fun, and it's guided by the hand of the gods. You will no longer be watching a movie, but you will be watcing the right movie. Leave your earthly squabbles behind and surrender yourself to the will of the gods.

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